Welcome to The Home of Pathfinder Computer Systems Inc.  We have been providing software solutions for business management since 1994.  We specialize in the needs for the Outdoor Power Equipment, Agricultural, Powersport, and Marine Markets.  We also provide software and pricing for Home Service, Janitorial, and just recently, Firearms and Supplies.  Our software integrates with many well known graphical look up programs and electronic order processing programs.  If you need software to help you manage the day to day workings of your dealership or repair facility, look no further!

We have been very pleased with the Mekanix Choice Program.  It has greatly reduced paperwork for the mechanics and makes taking care of the customer faster and more efficient.  The Program has saved us time and money, Mekanix choice has been a great investment to our company! .....  COIA IMPLEMENT SALES, INC.

 ...Your staff has been so supportive and helpful, they're always happy to speak with us and they want to help us. Jeremy and David are the ones I speak with and I tell you, they know their stuff, they let me know what things mean and why they happen..... WILSON'S TRACTORS AND LAWN EQUIPMENT